With the events of 2020 it became essential for people to work remotely wherever possible, and Hypnotherapists were no exception.

This has led to those who seek hypnotherapy to ask the question Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

While it is understandable that many people would prefer to see a hypnotherapist in person, therapists are advised to work with clients online wherever possible during these times of restrictions.

So does online hypnotherapy work the same as in person? Absolutely yes! 

All you need technically is a pair of earphones and your internet connection.

There are two other important requirements. One is a suitable safe and comfortable place in which to participate in your online hypnotherapy session, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session.

The other requirement is to provide the contact phone number of somebody close by who has access to your home, whether they live there or not and can come to your aid in the very unlikely event that you need some personal assistance for your own safety.

This may sound a little dramatic but it is simply a necessary precaution when conducting an online hypnotherapy session.

It’s important to note that this does not in any way imply there is anything unsafe about hypnotherapy, quite the contrary – it is very safe. However should a person have other health issues and need assistance, there would of course be no therapist actually in the room in person who would otherwise be able to assist them and/or summon medical attention to them.

The other scenario, again highly unlikely but technically possible, is a person deep in a trance when some unforeseen external emergency occurs. Normally they would be alerted and brought out of trance in order to attend to it. However should the internet connection drop then there needs to be someone who can be contacted by phone by the therapist to attend to whatever the situation is.

Okay so those are the practical considerations addressed for Online Hypnotherapy, so what about the experience of a hypnotherapy session online?

Well most people now, if they had not done so before, have become more familiar with using Zoom and similar applications online to communicate and hold video conferences online.

Just as when a session takes place in person, the first part of an online hypnotherapy session will involve talking with the therapist about what you want to achieve and all the relevant details about your specific issue or issues, your experiences, and where you are now in your life. This, as always, is all treated with the upmost confidentiality and is never discussed with anyone else except with the individual’s consent.

The second part of the session is the work we do in hypnotic trance, or trance work as it is sometimes called. I say “we” because hypnotherapy is a very collaborative therapy where the client and therapist work together. On this matter it is helpful to remind potential clients who may feel at all unsure about hypnosis, that nobody can be hypnotized without their consent. The client always remains in full control even in trance, but that is a subject for another article.

The hypnotherapist is a skilled guide who will help you to drift gently into a state of trance. In trance your subconscious mind becomes open to helpful suggestions.

Working with the individual is crucial for success. There are many videos and audios that offer hypnosis, but they do not work for the individual’s own specific needs.

Each person is unique. Nobody has quite your exact experiences and mind, and the professional hypnotherapists skill is to work at changing the individual’s subconscious programming that has occurred due to their unique set of life experiences and their own individual way of thinking.

To summarize online hypnotherapy works just as it does in person, it is a little different but the results you can achieve are the same.

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