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Why do people fear spiders?

Is it the erratic way they move? Is it the way they suddenly spring out when you move something behind which they have been hiding? Or is it the speed with which they move?

Well of course it’s all of these things and more!

For those who suffer arachnophobia it especially can be a concern in Autumn.

Typically Autumn is when we start to see spiders more often in the home as they come out of their dark hiding places and go seeking a mate.

The sufferer of arachnophobia may be well aware that the common house spider is no danger at all here in the UK, but that doesn’t prevent that dread, that fear factor from races through them even at the mere mention of SPIDERS!

Can Hypnosis Cure Arachnophobia?

Rather than endure the fear of spiders and the impact it can have on their lives, many sufferers turn to Hypnotherapy to cure Arachnophobia.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for all kinds of phobias, and often a specific phobia such as arachnophobia may be overcome in as little as just one session!

This will involve retraining your subconscious mind using hypnosis. The client will not have to do anything unpleasant in order to overcome their phobia..I will not be producing a tarantula or anything dramatic like that! This is something often seen on TV when depicting hypnosis to cure arachnophobia. This is done simply to dramatize it for the television audience and is not necessary in a real therapy situation.

So, there is nothing to fear about choosing hypnotherapy for Arachnophobia, and after treatment the client will no longer have anything to fear from our eight legged friends either!