Hypnosis to Stop Smoking – One Off Session £120 for approx 90 mins

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking is a one off session designed to break you free from smoking for good! It is a resolute full stop.

The session consists of getting to know your own motivation to stop smoking. This is so important. As with any goal, knowing why we want to achieve something is essential to staying motivated. It makes it clear why we want a certain outcome.
Of course you can read about all the reasons why a person should quit smoking, these may make all the sense in the world logically, but what really matters is why do YOU Want to Stop Smoking?


Trying to quit smoking just because you want to please someone else, be it a partner, friends or your children, may seem like a good reason on the surface. If however deep down you actually don’t want to stop smoking, but just want to please someone else, then you have an inner conflict going on. Two competing desires that do not match up!

Hypnotherapy is effective for Smoking Cessation because it takes all these things into account and works with your mind, not against it, to achieve what you really want. Once your subconscious mind is fully on board and backing your conscious decisions then the results will follow!

To book a Stop Smoking session click on ‘contact’ at the top right of any page and choose a date and time to suit you. Sessions available Mon to Sat, some evenings available.