Hypnosis for Phobias

What is a Phobia?
A phobia is an irrational fear of something, and it can be an object, and insect, a certain animal, an action or an image. There are many many phobias.

It is estimated around 11 percent of people have a phobia of some kind. Many people put up with a phobia, possibly not wanting to tackle it as they simply wish to avoid it altogether, and having to shape their lives around an irrational fear.

Here are some of the most common phobias.
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Heights
Fear of Water
Fear of Vomiting
Social Phobia
Fear of Clowns
Fear of Needles
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Cats
Fear of Driving
Fear of the Dark
Fear of Confined Places
Fear of Open Spaces

The above list of common phobias is to give an idea only of some of the most well known ones,  but a phobia can be pretty much anything you can think of. There are phobias such as fear of buttons (Koumpounophobia), a specific colour (various names), bridges (Gephyrophobia), balloons (Globophobia), or even fear of long words, know as Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia!  Yes seriously that is a real word, 36 letters long!

To the sufferer these fears are very real indeed and often they keep them a secret because they feel they won’t be understood by others. After all, phobias are described as irrational fears, and nobody wants to be thought of as being irrational!

Often it is only when a phobia is interfering with a person’s life, stopping them doing things they otherwise would like to do, or need to do, that help is sought.

Can Hypnosis Help With Phobias?

The good news is that YES, Hypnotherapy for Phobia really is effective.

Depending on how involved it is, a phobia can often be treated in just one session, although a good therapist will advise on how many sessions it may take.

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