There are different levels of hypnotic trance. Many people wonder if they even can be hypnotized.

As you may expect, susceptibility to hypnosis does vary from one individual to another, with some being naturally adept at falling into a trance state rapidly and easily, while others maybe require a little more time and/or a different approach.

Stage hypnotists always do susceptibility tests on their audience volunteers to find the most susceptible subjects who respond rapidly to suggestions, as this suits the requirements for the performance.

However the good news is that it is estimated some 95% of the population can be hypnotized to one degree or another. For many therapeutic purposes only a light trance state is needed to affect changes at a subconscious level.

The Classic Hypnotic Spiral often used to depict a hypnotic induction. Such dramatic visuals are more suited to movies and TV shows than real hypnotherapy.