Hypnosis for Anxiety

For those who struggle with anxiety the question must be can hypnosis relieve anxiety? The answer is assuredly yes.

Hypnotherapy has a proven track record for helping with many issues from phobias to smoking cessation, weight loss and self esteem and more.

Hypnotherapy is especially suitable for treating anxiety.

The way we think influences our emotions, and how we feel effects our behaviour.

Anxiety sufferers tend to overestimate the threat level in a given situation, and by doing so the body responds just as if the threat was real.

The unpleasant sensations that follow, such as the heart racing, feeling light-headed, butterflies in the stomach, legs feeling weak and shaky, trembling, nausea, erratic heavy breathing are all natural and are there to prepare us for “fight or flight” as these responses are commonly called.

The fight or flight mechanism is there for our protection, our self preservation in the face of real danger. The body and mind is prepared for action, to either confront the danger and do battle or to escape and get to safety.

Problems develop when these symptoms are produced regularly and intensely due to faulty cognitions, or thinking processes.
This flawed thinking that leads to over vigilance and often avoidance of situations, can come about due to bad experiences in the past, or sometimes because they were learned for example by observing how parents responded to situations early in life.

The symptoms of anxiety can be intense and unpleasant, to the point that the sufferer comes to fear the symptoms and wishes to avoid experiencing them at all costs. This can lead to avoidance of any situation were the sufferer experiences these symptoms, which can have a dramatic and negative impact on daily life.

It is also exhausting to be experiencing such feelings on a regular or even daily basis.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps to change how a person thinks about these situations, and see them in a more balanced and realistic way, instead of overestimating potential threat levels, thereby relieving all the resulting unpleasant symptoms.

Using hypnosis for anxiety can also reduce the fear of the symptoms of anxiety, by learning new coping methods and therefore preventing the escalation of symptoms that anxiety sufferers commonly experience.

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