New year – same old you?

New year is the time when people make resolutions, and like many rules these seem made only to be broken.

New year’s resolutions can be anything from starting a diet and joining a gym, giving up smoking, stopping drinking too much, getting finances under control, changing jobs or embarking on a new career.

Sometimes intentions alone are not enough as often a person’s real needs are not being addressed. The subconscious mind knows what we really want even if we cannot make sense of this consciously.

For example, a person may decide they want to get in shape and lose excess body fat – a worthy goal for sure. So why then do so many fall away from this goal pretty quickly and end up back at square one?
Maybe the reason for this is that a person’s motivation is unclear to begin with, and there may well come a point when they ask themselves “Why am I doing this? What’s it really for?”

Unless the real motivation is recognised it can be very difficult to stay on track.
What if the real motivation is self esteem. Not quite the same as wanting to be buff for the summer.

Finding what we really want is so important in order to follow a path that will lead to achieving our true goal.

Hypnotherapy can access the subconscious mind and help you discover what you really want to achieve, and why.
It can also help to identify any barriers that can prevent a person moving forward, barriers that again may not be recognised consciously, perhaps having been buried deeply as a way of protecting their emotions. While that may have been the best option once upon a time, these now can be causing real and unnecessary difficulties in how that person relates to themselves, other people and the world in general.

Hypnotherapy can reassess past events and re frame them from a modern perspective, using resources that were not available when these barriers were originally formed. That is where a skilled hypnotherapist is invaluable to guide a client and break free of those things that have held a person back, often for many, many years.

So if you want to change but are unsure why, or even what you want to do differently then book a session. I offer a free consultation where together we can discuss your needs with no obligation. You have nothing to lose but your old unwanted patterns of behaviour.