SAD in Winter

It’s that time of year again. The clock’s have gone back, brown leaves are scrunching beneath our feet. there is a nip in the air, the heating bills are going up (again) and Strictly is back on TV.

Seasonal Affective Disorder of SAD has similar symptoms to normal depression, but is related to the time of year. For sufferers of SAD this can cause them to dread the winter. “Winter Depression” is another name used for SAD.

Symptoms include descending mood, feeling more tired, irritable, a loss of interest in things you normally enjoy, feeling tearful, sad, gloomy, more stressed, anxious, not wanting to socialise or go out much, wanting to sleep more.

Recommended treatments include light boxes, or lamps, but these are not always well tolerated by those with sensitivity to bright lights, such as headache and migraine sufferers or those with eye strain.

Antidepressants know as SSRI’s are another option, but these do have side effects and can be difficult to come off again.

Talking therapies such as CBT and Hypnotherapy are also recommended for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and are effective and free of side effects.
By changing how the mind processes information, how we think and as a result changing how we feel, CBT and Hypnotherapy can make a huge difference to a person’s quality of life.

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