Online Hypnotherapy ~ Zoom Hypnotherapy

Online Hypnotherapy gives you the flexibility and convenience to choose where your session takes place. I am currently offering sessions on  Zoom.

For Zoom you do not need to have any program on your device,  as I simply send you an email link that you use to access your session at the arranged time.

You don’t need to leave your home or to travel. You will need  a webcam on the device you wish to use for your session. A webcam is essential so that I can see you during the session.

For online Hypnotherapy all that is required is that you can provide a quiet, safe environment and an hour of your time  so that you will not be interrupted or disturbed during your session.

Online hypnosis works exactly the same as in person, except you can choose your own best place to sit or lay down and relax.

I also can combine Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods with Hypnotherapy Online.

Online  Hypnotherapy combined with CBT works just the same as if you visited my Therapy Room  to see me in person.

How It Works


Payment is required in full when you book the date and time slot of your session.  This can be by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Details will be given to you when we arrange your session.

Before your Session

It is essential for you to provide me with a contact number of someone, a friend or relative, who could assist you in the case of any sort of emergency. This is a necessary precaution and you would need to confirm with that person that they are  available for the entire duration of your session,

Preparation for your session

Ensure you allow yourself time to be ready for your session which will begin promptly at the date and time you have booked.

Have Skype open on your device or join the meeting via your Zoom link that I will send you. 

Be seated in your most comfortable place, where you can relax or lay down if you wish to.

Earphones are not essential but they can help to shut out the outside world if you prefer. Although hypnosis does not require total silence from your surroundings to be effective it is simply more pleasant.

The main thing is that you will not be interrupted or disturbed during your session.


Q – What happens if we lose our Internet connection?

A – As we all know technology isn’t always perfect, however should we lose our connection at anytime during the session  then I will  simply call back and we will continue where we left off.

If this happens during trance then you will simply awaken when you hear the Skype calling sound and I will then take you back into trance. This is completely harmless and will not in any way spoil the effectiveness of your session.

Q – Can a person get stuck in a hypnotic trance and not be able to wake up?

A – No. This is one of those common myths about hypnosis which are utterly untrue. Just as we cannot be trapped in sleep – we always wake up when ready  – so it is with hypnosis.

I will awaken  you myself towards the end of our session. However if I did not and remained silent you would simply awaken naturally all by yourself in your own time with no prompting from me, just like with sleep.

Q – Can I have somebody with me during my session?

A – Absolutely, you are welcome to have another person sit in the room with you during our session. Choose somebody in whose  presence you feel comfortable discussing your situation and who will agree to remain silent during the hypnosis part of the session.

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  • HPD - Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • PNLP - Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming

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